Yusuke Takemura, Mori No Mizu

Rain falls on the mountains and grows the forest.
The mountains filter the rain and feed us clear water.
What do we return to the sky...
— Yusuke Takemura

Yusuke Takemura was born in Japan and currently lives and works in Australia. Yusuke’s intriguing, poetic forms – which he describes as ‘complicated and mysterious objects’ are subtle investigations of making the invisible world visible. The sculptural objects are intentionally fragile in structure. Yusuke cuts holes into the thin surface of his glass forms before laboriously fine grinding and polishing all the hole’s edges. The boundaries between void and transparent surface blur to create an optical illusion. 

Yusuke’s innovative methods are a daring fusion of traditional technique with contemporary knowledge that he has developed to translate ideas concerning human experience, history and place. He developed his technique of glass surface treatment and cutting whilst in Japan under the guidance and training of internationally renowned glass artist Toshio Iezumi, having completed his Bachelor Degree in glass from Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts. In 2009 Yusuke continued his studies in Australia, completing a Masters Degree from The University of Sydney. During this concentrated period of studio research Yusuke honed his highly specialised skill of cutting precarious organic shapes through fragile glass forms into a strong, highly individualistic visual language.

Yusuke has been awarded several major prizes, most recently in 2011 The Ausglass Vicky Torr Memorial Prize, The Ausglass Sabbia Gallery Solo Exhibition Prize and was shortlisted for the prestigious Ranamok Glass Prize.