Jeremy Lepisto, The Parcel

My most current work is inspired from a personal experience ... I dispatched an 18 cubic meter-shipping container filled with ... my life’s belongings from America to Australia.
— Jeremy Lepisto

Jeremy Lepisto makes artwork that incorporates and is inspired by the forms and images of his everyday surroundings. By exploring and utilising purpose-constructed elements of the built environment, Jeremy looks to transliterate the duality of connected and developing narratives that involve both individuals and place into form. 

The Parcel takes the form of a modern shipping container, and draws on Jeremy’s personal experience of dispatching an 18 cubic metre shipping container filled with a carefully considered and condensed collection of his life’s belongings from America to Australia. 

With the availability and aid of a shipping container, I internationally transported my goods safely and efficiently. In the same act, I also exchanged the epicentre of my life. This shift altered my personal timeline and connections to both people and places. 

Jeremy received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University (in Alfred, New York, USA) in 1997, majoring in glass and metals. Following graduation, he went on to become Production Manager Apprentice at the Bullseye Glass Company in Portland, Oregon – an experience that formed the basis of his glass kiln forming knowledge. 

In 2001 he left Bullseye and started an independent studio – Studio Ramp LLC, which ran for eight years. After re-locating to Canberra, Jeremy established an independent glass studio – Workshop Level in Queanbeyan, where he is again making kiln formed works for other people as well as working on a body of practice-led research for a PhD degree in Sculpture from the ANU School of Art & Design. 

Jeremy is represented by Beaver Galleries.