Annette Blair, Nurtured

I am fascinated by the textures, colours, smells and sounds held within objects and their ability to arouse memories or capture a sense of a place, a time or person.
— Annette Blair

Annette Blair employs blown, hot-sculpted and hand-painted glass to illustrate personal narratives and explore ideas of character and identity. Nurtured expands on these interests – preserving memories from the domestic setting to evoke a common or shared nostalgia. 
Annette chooses familiar, utilitarian glass forms as a starting point to express these associations. Using found or sourced glassware releases the mass-produced objects from their primary function whilst reinforcing their simple purpose. She is fascinated by the ability of objects, textures, colours, smells and sounds to arouse memories or capture a sense of a place, a time or person. 

In 2011 Annette attended Pilchuck Glass School, where she began to focus on expanding her skill-set into hot-sculpted glass. This enabled her to reinterpret familiar household objects, creating and preserving domestic tableaux as precious reminders of the hands that held them. In 2015, as Artist-in-Residence at the Canberra Glassworks, Annette began to explore the use of high-fire enamels, painting between layers of hot glass. Various applications of glass enamels throughout the glassblowing process allow Annette to build depth through line, pattern and imagery in order to translate various domestic textures into what is an innately rigid material.

Annette studied glass at the ANU School of Art & Design receiving a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours in 2004. In 2005, she began a two-year traineeship in the hot glass studio at the Jam Factory Craft and Design Centre in Adelaide. After completion, she became a Jam Factory studio tenant. In 2008 Annette returned to Canberra to make work at the Canberra Glassworks, and currently has a studio in Burra, NSW. She divides her practice between the design and manufacture of several production lines, as well as spending time working on exhibition pieces for various national and international exhibitions. These works investigate combinations of portraiture and glass and focus on ideas of identity and personal narrative, as seen here in Nurtured and other recent works.

Annette is represented by Beaver Galleries.